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The Scooter Guide

How to Make Your 50cc Scooter Increase Speed


If you're like many scooter owners, as soon as you have bought your scooter, the first thing to come to mind will certainly be making it go faster. That can be a great idea, and it's possible if your scooter is a 50cc. And if you already have a motor cycle license, it's logical that you want to ride a scooter that performs as fast as motor bike. At some point, you'll need to acquire high performance High Performance Scooter Parts to upgrade your "bike," and here is how to go about the upgrade.


If yours is a 50cc scooter, its manufacturer may have limited its speed to 30mph in compliance with the regulations of your state. So you have to de-restrict the scooter to start giving it capabilities to perform better in terms of speed. There are a couple of aspects that you'll need to consider toward that end:


1. The scooter's ignition module restricts the engine rpm. You can expect your 50cc scooter to be limited to just 7000rpm


2. To restrict maximum speed, an oversized boss fitted to the variator is fitted, making it impossible to reach the full scope of gear ratio. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about scooters.


3. There's a very small carburetor jet that restricts fuel flow in compliance with emission standards


All the three factors work in cahoots to deny your scooter speed, limiting it to just 30mph. The good news is that all the above can be replaced with HP scooter parts from a local or online dealer. You could make the upgrade yourself or go to a dealer for help. The difference in performance you can get from de-restricting your scooter is substantial, with the possibility of hitting 40mph or higher. Acceleration will also be increased.


Interestingly, making your scooter go faster does not need to cost you a lot. With a few dollars (from $5 or even $35 depending on the parts being replaced), you can spruce up your scooter and ride it at higher speeds.


Still, de-restricting a 50cc scooter is not a complicated affair. It can be done without in any way compromising the quality of your scooter. And in case you're buying a new scooter, you may consider asking the dealer to do the upgrade before you can leave the show room.


High performance scooter parts are available for fitting into a scooter and making it go faster than 30mph. You'll have to remove the parts that restrict your scooter's performance first, click to make your scooter faster!